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Hotels are settlements that we temporarily use when we travel to a place. Even if we will stay in hotels for a few days we need to feel safe and well. So the hotel doors are quite important. Hotel room doors should be opened with special security systems. It must have sound and heatproof properties.

Only in such a system can we feel safe. Therefore, hotel room doors are of great importance in terms of hotel selection. As Evkap, we produce the highest quality and special lock system hotel doors by using the latest technology with our 65 years of experience. Please contact us for hotel room door prices.

Soundproofing, fire resistance and the strength of security systems are the main points to consider when choosing hotel doors. For this reason, doors are generally preferred in hotels which are fire resistant, sound proof and formed with a strong lock system.

The doors of the hotel are very safe when equipped with these systems. Clients who come to stay in the hotel are happy to leave the hotel.

Today, most of the hotel door lock systems are used with card entry system. With card reader lock systems, personalized rooms cannot be accessed without a card. This is a very important advantage. Nobody who doesn't know and wants to harm you cannot enter your hotel room unless you open the door.

In addition, hotel doors are created with combination lock systems. It is up to our customers to take the hotel gate of choice here. You can make your preference according to your taste and request. You can get detailed information about hotel door models and lock systems by contacting us.

The most important consideration when choosing hotel doors is whether they are fire resistant or not. Because security is very important under all circumstances. And the hotel owners should make sure that their doors are selected in a fire-resistant manner. Hotel bedroom door is usually manufactured using fire resistant MDF material. This is one of the best quality materials that can be selected for a hotel gate.

The quality of the doors is as important as the architectural visuals of the hotel doors. Remember that the quality of your doors and security systems is what protects your customers. Visuality is in the background. However, the hotel doors are quite elegant and flashy.

It is stated in the law that hotel doors should be fire resistant. So this is a legal obligation.

According to the fire regulations, the hotel doors should be fire resistant for at least 30 minutes in case of any fire. It should also be noted that the hotel walls should also be made of a fire-resistant material. Fire-resistant wall material should be used for at least 90 minutes.

In addition to protecting yourself in case of fire, you want to keep your belongings safe with you. Therefore, the use of fire retardant materials means that you can keep your belongings safe.

In addition, products such as computers, mobile phones, cameras for thieves are quite remarkable. A secure hotel room door allows thieves to break into your room.

Thick room doors should be used to withstand the intrusion of thieves. This will make your guests feel more secure and peaceful.

Next time you will choose your hotel again and you will have a nice recycling from your customers. So in such a case, both sides will win. Both your customers will gain peace and trust and you will gain.

Hotel room doors should not be less than 80cm wide and more than 120cm high. Special design hotel room door can be made. As Evkap, we produce special design and special size hotel doors for you.

The acoustics of your hotel doors are also very important. Because with acoustic doors, your room and you will not be affected by the noise and noise coming from outside late at night. So make sure that a hotel door is made of soundproof material.

It is also important that the doors of your hotel rooms are heat-proof. This is very important for both you and your customers. Your customers will not lose heat and will not be cold room and will be satisfied with your service.

As the owner of the hotel, you will not incur extra charges for heat costs. This will also return you will profit.

If the hotel doors are manufactured according to the conditions mentioned above, your hotel rooms will be safe and peaceful.

  • Soundproof
  • Fire proof
  • Special lock system
  • Heat proof

Thanks to the hotel doors, your customers will be pleased and will choose you again. So be careful when choosing hotel door manufacturer. Please choose us for high quality and durable hotel doors.

As Evkap, we serve you not only hotel room door but all door models. If you are looking for an experienced, expert and professional door manufacturer, please contact us. Evkap opens you to a world full of peace and happiness.


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