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PVC doors are among the most preferred door models. It is frequently used in homes because it does not contain carcinogenic substances and is very good at sound insulation. PVC doors have many color options.

Pvc coated doors, ie membrane interior room doors can be studied in any model. Any desired pvc coated door models can be produced in any pvc color. This flexible manufacturing technology allows us to manufacture in many colors and models. This allows us to provide our customers with numerous different interior door models and color options.

Since our pvc coated interior room doors are produced with CNC machine, it is important to ensure that there are no errors in the patterns. In addition, PVC door prices are always cheaper than coated doors and long-lasting quality doors as we offer our customers the appreciation.

There are so many advantages of PVC doors.

  • PVC doors are easy to clean and require little maintenance.
  • It has a great contribution to sound insulation.
  • Used with aluminum and wood.
  • Apart from sound insulation, it also contributes to thermal insulation. It saves a little fuel.
  • PVC doors contain chlorine. In this way, if the door catches fire, it will extinguish without any intervention.
  • Heat and moisture resistant.
  • Does not swell and swell. It is made of high quality and durable materials.
  • It can be used also PVC closet doors.

PVC doors are produced with different materials and are offered to the market in comparison to the door models sun rays, rain and other events are designed to be more protected and functional. In addition to this feature, gold, mahogany, cedar, walnut and oak patterns laminated with the door you want to have the opportunity to provide the model.

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As a result of the maintenance and cleaning operations, the doors are lubricated once in 6 months and functionalized for use.

Membrane pvc doors, which are produced with elegant appearance and quality materials, are among the most popular models for a long time. Evkap www.evkap.com/ has the best doors with the difference of forest products. Membrane pvc door, does not contain carcinogenic substances, PVC is produced. PVC doors are produced as a result of applying high temperature to MDF. The membrane pvc doors we produce are highly resistant to heat and water. It is generally thicker than lacquer, wood, laminate doors.

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