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Houses built in recent years are much more useful as models. The width of the rooms, the location of the balconies, are meticulously planned. But the first thing that stands out in the newly built houses is the completion of the MDF CNC lacquer door types.

Because the selected door; walls and furniture, and reflect the tastes of the host. Good quality and stylish appearance can make the doors the number one indicator at home. MDF doors are also one of the most preferred door models.

It should attract the attention of those who enter the house with its quality appearance, and its house is protected as a castle with its durable structure. You can get detailed information about price and manufacturing process by sending us the model number of Evkap interior door, mdf door models.

MDF is high quality and easy to process material that never breaks in line with the patterns and carvings created on it and has the feature of being machined on CNC machines. It enables ambitious works in visual dimensions with today's technology. So MDF is better than wood.

MDF LAKE doors are painted with MDF Lacquered and have bright vivid appearance.

All of our door models, which are produced in full technological machinery, are preferred models with their quality and guarantee as well as their economic structure.

MDF stands for medium density fiberboard and consists of the initials of MediumDensity Fiberboard. MDF is a medium hardness plate which is formed by thermomechanically gluing the fibers obtained from wood or other cellulosic raw materials to a certain degree of humidity and then gluing them with a thermosetting glue of about 9-11% and pressing them under temperature and pressure.

MDF is preferred because of its homogeneous density in every point, it can be obtained in standard dimensions, it is perfect in milling operations, it holds the screws applied from surfaces and edges well.

MDFLAM is obtained by coating melamine resin and glue impregnated and waterproof decor paper on MDF board with technological impregnation machines.

It can be used as backrest, under-drawer, clapboard in the production of weighted Melamine Door, furniture production, also in the production of thickened panels and in different projects.

MDF doors act as sound insulation. They are highly resistant to impacts. It also provides immediate protection, such as fire, and prevents the fire from flame.

It may be desirable to escape cheaply while building a house. And paint, doors, furniture can be cheaply cost. However, an important product such as a door should not be cost-effective. For this reason, MDF CNC doors can be preferred.

So; yes MDF is good for interior doors.

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