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The composite doors are manufactured from the solid wooden core, glass-reinforced plastic and some other material with UVP, under different names according to necessities. Different types of composite doors are manufactured for different purposes. The composite doors are one of the most improved ones in the industry.

The composite doors are a solution to a common problem with interior doors that used in contact with wet floors They are water and moisture resistant that makes them wonderful for wet areas like toilets or bathrooms. The composite doors are highly sophisticated products manufactured with high pressure and suitable layers of materials.

This technology makes the composite doors the most common ones, even for exterior design purposes. Evkap is a company that produces the best composite doors in Turkey. Our models are below.

The idea of the composite doors comes from the inefficacy of single-material doors. To find a solution, different materials against different problems like moisture have brought together to produce a new type of door. The new technology that brings different materials perfectly together creates a new type of door; composite doors.

The composite doors present the customers' extra safety and durability against meteorologic difficulties. The composite doors also give you the opportunity to choose different styles according to your tastes. You can prefer wooden color with high-quality coverings or some other stylish colored products just as you wish.

Composite doors have many advantages. The most important of these are;

  • The most important advantage of the composite doors is that these doors are durable against water effects.
  • Composite doors are produced with MDF and chipboard which are so effective to provide noise insulation.
  • In addition, moisture resistance is also another beneficiary of these doors.
  • Composite doors are modern and stylish
  • The composite doors are easy to manufacture and fit all types of houses

Another new technology of the composite doors is called the needle-stitch-door. With the help of this technology, the joints between the doors are filled, so the doors become resistant against high temperatures of weather. Thereby, these doors can be used in high-temperature environments such as kitchens. The doors will not be deformed and will be as quality as the first day for many years.

If you are looking for composite doors near to you, you can choose Evkap. With different types of composite doors and styles, Evkap is proudly ready to serve you.  We have the best composite door models in our portfolio.

As Evkap we have so many modern composite door models. We have an important company culture of cleanliness. According to our culture, we provide purity from the tiniest part of our products to the whole body of a door. We are aware that it is inevitable for the doors to get deformed by the water and moisture. Composite doors are the most preferred doors to prevent this. Nowadays, door manufacture technologies are changing very fast and it became clear that the durable doors against rough conditions are mostly preferred. If you are looking for a strong, stylish and quality door, we recommend you to choose a composite door.

Composite doors are healthy in any field. Extremely resistant to moisture and humidity. Deformations caused by the water are not possible at composite doors. The composite doors are B1 fireproof-class doors. The composite doors mostly have the visuals of wooden materials and also they are resistant to impacts. In addition, the composite doors are safer than the uPVC doors and prevent room temperature from escaping.

Composite doors are slightly more expensive than uPVC doors, but given the aforementioned features, it would be profitable to give the composite doors a little more money.

The composite doors are a low-cost-maintenance and highly durable choice. Our high technology production technique will provide you a highly resistant product against bad weather conditions with different colors and styles. Even if it is a densely-used door, it will not require expensive maintenance.  Composite doors are durable for at least 10 years. We guarantee you that you can use it for many years with good maintenance and cleaning.

On the other hand, the purpose of the usage of the door is also important. If you use your composite door on a wet floor and highly moisture place like a bathroom, small precautions can make your door's working life longer. If you can have good ventilation in the bathroom, you can prevent from deformation and also extra maintenance. Also, it will provide you a healthier place. So, small steps can give you bigger profits.

For more information about composite door prices, interior door prices, and door types, please contact us.

  • As Evkap we are the best composite doors manufacturers in the industry.

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