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The door is the curtain between the public and your privacy. It is the passage between your house and outside, or it is the key that leads to your secrets. The door is one of the most important and biggest pieces of your home. These make it a part, a compound of your sacred place. So your door should also be adapted to your decoration. A house without a door is not a house. Therefore, the model, pattern, color, and type of the door are very important for home decoration. For example, it is an important detail to match the color of your door with the color of your furniture. Some people prefer the same color tones for the decoration of their homes while some others prefer contrasting colors to create a contrasting decor.

Your home is a reflection of who you are, and the model of the interior doors you choose says a lot about you and your style. There are many types of extensive range of interior doors, so it is very difficult to choose between existing doors. But with a good understanding of the different types of house doors and interior door materials, you will be well guided in finding the perfect interior door types. There are many types of home-based internal doors and each door serves a different purpose.

House doors are often not compatible with your home decoration. Because architects may have installed the most preferred door types in your home. But of course, you have to replace your interior doors with more beautiful models.

First of all, you should choose your doors to be compatible with your furniture, if there is a staircase in your house, with stairs, parquet. In this way, you create integrity in your home. Now let's talk about the best interior door models.

In indoor spaces, the most common wooden door models are encountered. Wooden doors are particularly aesthetically pleasing and durable. Now, let's talk about the different interior door models made of wood.

  1. Wood Veneer Doors

Wood veneer doors are usually obtained by processing on fireproof MDF. This type of doors do not require paint and only need to wax them. Usually, wood veneer doors are used as interior room doors and Toilet doors. Wooden veneer doors have a very natural appearance. It gives you the reflection of the wood, that is, the image of the tree. Therefore, it is often preferred by people who love the natural and wooden appearance. Furthermore, the most important feature of wooden doors is that it is resistant to sun rays and scratches.

  1. Lacquer Doors

Lake is a kind of lacquer. It is a kind of bright polish obtained by using chemical materials. The lacquer generally uses to achieve a smooth appearance. Combined with very ordinary wood lacquer, it turns into a perfect door.

The lacquered door surface can be a raw MDF flat panel or a panel patterned on a CNC machine. Room and WC doors can be produced as desired. According to the model and pattern alternative, it is possible to produce frame glazed, mesh glazed, single-wing or double-wing in the desired width. The most important steps in the production of lacquered doors are lining and sanding.

Compared to other door models, it is very stylish and economical. It is also very hygienic because it does not hold dirt. It is resistant to sun rays and impacts like wood veneer doors. It can be used for many years with peace of mind. White is generally preferred and lacquered doors are available in different colors.

  1. Laminate Doors

Laminate doors are known as noise-canceling doors. Resistant to high noise and pressure, these doors have been used frequently in recent years. It is used as noise prevention doors especially in hotels, hospitals, and houses. We often come across sand and stone patterned, fancily patterned, aluminum plated and metal surface laminate doors. It can be produced in different colors and sizes. Generally, glassless and flat models are preferred. Glazed laminate doors are generally preferred as interior doors.

  1. Melamine Doors

Melamine is an organic material. It is an industrial material which is generally used in the production of plastic products. Melamine doors are formed with this melamine material applied to MDF. They are usually self-patterning doors that do not require paint. Melamine doors can also be produced as a double leaf.

Melamine door models are suitable for indoor use in all areas. If it is desired to increase the sound-proofing and flame-resistant properties of such doors, the materials used in production will differ.

  1. American Doors

Door panels used in American door production; MDF panel with 4 mm thickness, in the desired door model and in the form of patterned or flat applied.

Interior doors can be produced in desired dimensions as room and WC doors. It is also possible to produce American doors in the desired width as double sashes.

American doors are preferred in terms of prices and a variety of model options. Economical, hygienic, easy to clean, does not contain bacteria and germs, can be painted to the desired color. In addition, American doors are lightweight and easy to install. American doors are ideal for indoor use.

  1. PVC Doors

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) used on door surfaces is a plastic with a wide usage area. It is the most common and known chemical material used in the production of doors and windows. PVC is environmentally friendly as it is a recyclable material that can be recycled. If the PVC door body will be patterned, the desired door pattern and shape are given on the CNC machine.

Before the PVC has adhered to the door surface, the pattern should be given on the CNC machine. Then the PVC material is applied to the MDF door surface with the help of heat.

PVC door surfaces do not require paint. PVC panel doors are self-patterned and colored.

PVC doors can be produced in desired sizes as room and WC doors. In addition, it is possible to produce the PVC door in the desired width as the double sash.

Evkap is Turkey's best door manufacturer company. Door models are both large and affordable. If you are looking for a cheap internal doors manufacturer, it would be a very right decision to contact Evkap. We have been serving the door production sector for nearly 65 years. We are among the leading companies in the production of contemporary interior doors. As of 2011, EVKAP has become one of the biggest companies in the sector with a staff of 115 managers and employees with a total production area of ​​15.000 m2, of which 6.500 m2 is closed. EVKAP, which has produced and sold hundreds of thousands of doors through many dealers and sales points in Turkey and abroad, operates as an integrated facility capable of producing over 10,000 doors per month. Our mission is to produce quality doors by using local resources in a beautiful way. Our vision is to produce high quality, environment and human sensitive doors by always prioritizing human health.

The cost of buying interior doors varies. Because there are many types of doors and each door has its own characteristics. The real issue is to buy the best quality at a reasonable or logical price. There are companies in the market that sells doors at so low prices. But the quality of those doors will be untrustable. So the doors will be out of service in a couple of years and you may have to buy a new one, which makes you spend more money but still not pleased with the result. Not to regret soon, you should consider the quality as well as the price. The prices of the indoors vary from 500 - 1500 TRY according to their quality and style.

Evkap door company is one of the oldest and reliable door manufacturers of the market. You can find the best quality at reasonable prices in our company. Please us for information about interior door costs and installation prices.

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As Evkap wood products, we manufacture doors that both protect your privacy and open to your happiness. As a manufacturer of interior doors, we are one of the leading and trustworthy companies in the sector. We always prioritize the quality of our products to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Our number one consideration is the satisfaction of our customers. As Evkap Door Company and our dedicated personnel, we wish that your doors will always open to happiness. If you want to benefit from our expertise to design your home decor, please contact us to work with you and make us proud to guide you.


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