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Pvc Rustic Door PVC-RUSTIK-301 - Bute White

PVC Veneer Door are produced from 6 mm mdf door before like wood veneer and mdf door technique. After the mdf is prepared in CNC machines in the desired model, it is coated with PVC (membrane) and ready to be assembled without the need for polishing and painting.

All models on the page can be delivered raw without PVC coated. Pvc coated interior door models with unlimited color and pattern options within the concept of door models offer great advantages in terms of unlimited options and prices. Both the inexpensive door and the modern interior door model meet the needs of those looking for it.

The inside door cost changes according to interior door types. Since our pvc coated interior doors are produced with CNC, it is important to avoid any mistakes in the designs and pvc door prices are always cheaper than coated doors. And long-lasting quality doors are offered to the demands of our customers.

Pvc Veneer Doors;

  • It is formed by engraving patterns on MDF with CNC machine and then coated with PVC surface.
  • It is bonded to MDF surface by vacuuming PVC material with high temperature.
  • They do not contain carcinogenic substances.
  • Water and heat resistant.
  • We can say that the most preferred door models pvc doors because it has a stylish appearance.

It is able to meet all demands with different modern, classical, local and sectoral productions for different places. It meets all the expectations in the time-price-quality triangle with its experienced staff that nourishes itself technically every day and enriches its experience.

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Today, the most preferable interior door is PVC Veneer Door. Membrane PVC door production is made by silicon membrane and siliconized on every surface of MDF material by applying heat and high pressure.

In PVC Membrane doors, all surfaces except one surface of the material are coated with PVC. For this reason, it is also called 3D coating.

Membrane door systems are manufactured by PVC which is carcinogenic and approved by the World Health Organization. It has a hygienic surface that is easy to clean and does not retain bacteria. Membrane doors in a wide range of colors and designs are available in any size. The glued material is ready to be coated with PVC foil by the help of membrane press.

PVC Veneer door systems are long-lasting and preferred by the manufacturers.

Membrane products which prevent bacteria formation with its hygienic structure are designed in a structure that does not affect water and does not stain. While some materials are affected by water and swell, the membrane has a long life and a wide range of colors. PVC Membrane door models consist of 2 kinds of glossy and matt coatings.

  • PVC Veneer Door Models are widely used in construction and decoration sector.
  • Contractors and architects prefer this type of door intensively. It can appeal to all segments as purchasing power.
  • You can get information about membrane door repair from us.

There are so many advantages of PVC Veneer Doors.

  • Suitable for all interior and exterior door models.
  • Does not hold bacteria, does not swell and spill.
  • It has a long life structure.
  • Approved by World Health Organizations.
  • Covered with PVC foil. If you wish, painting can be done or damaged covers can be replaced with a new one.
  • Provides fuel savings by preventing heat losses due to its good thermal insulation.
  • It is lighter compared to aluminum and wood.
  • It has sound insulation and prevents noise pollution.
  • Provides general and multi-purpose use.
  • PVC waste can be collected and recycled as paper and glass waste.
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance.
  • By substituting wood, tree cutting is reduced and forests are protected.
  • It has a modern appearance.
  • Resistant to water and moisture.
  • One piece decorative pattern.

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