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Wooden Door

When it comes to wooden doors, they are all doors made of wood and produced in standard sizes. In the interior, the doors are always wooden. These doors are made by hand and manufactured in machines as two types of doors. Hand-made doors take a long time in terms of labor and time.

This definition was actually made long ago. In today's technology; all of the wooden doors are produced in series in machines. The American door is the wooden door, the laminated door is the wooden door, the lacquer painted door is the wooden door. Wooden doors are also classified as quality and durability. Another feature of wooden doors; This is because it can be subsequently painted in different colors.

Wooden doors are used indoors. The wooden doors used outdoors are also manufactured to be more resistant to the weather conditions. Especially outdoors, teak is the ideal one. The wooden doors also have polished ones. These doors are sanded and then putty is polished. You can get information about wooden door models from our website.

Wooden door is one of the leading door models in many areas as long as we live. It is preferred in places where it is used because of its ease of use and aesthetic appearance. Therefore, we can see that the doors are wooden especially in the living areas.

When we look at the origin of wooden door, solid door, furniture door models of all these types of doors, the natural wood planks and get rid of the many known MDF door materials are the door models.

These door models, which have a visually stylish appearance, can become quite stylish if they are made to workmanship in a qualified way and their harmony with their complementary parts is ensured. There are multiple visual models in the design of wooden doors and they do not have a uniform appearance.

The cost of wooden doors varies according to the door manufacturer and the quality of the products. Please contact us for more information about wooden door costs.

Wooden door models can be divided into two separate sections. These are natural solid wood doors made entirely of wood and panel doors called American doors.

Massive parquet flooring, which is based on a deep history, has a much higher weight than standard doors as the preferred door models made of wooden materials from top to bottom.

Although the solid door (wooden door) is considered as a negative feature in terms of its weight, it is known as the healthiest door model thanks to the chemicals used in this door model.

Thanks to this feature, the solid doors (wooden doors), which are mostly preferred in schools, kindergartens, hospitals and similar public living areas, are considered as an ideal choice both because they do not contain chemicals and they do not contain bacteria.

On the other hand, there are filling materials in the panel door models. The surface obtained by the coatings applied on this coating has a chemical structure. Therefore, it is considered to be more harmful because of the chemicals it contains compared to solid door (wooden door) models.

The panel door, which is considered as more harmful than the solid door (wooden door) model, is also one of the most preferred door models due to its physical facilities and less cost.

Panel doors, which are not uniform and can be produced with or without glazing, are also more active in moving according to the solid door (wooden door) models. Solid door (wood door) models have a more elegant and aesthetic appearance compared to all other door models thanks to their special carved workmanship.

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