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Laminate Door

Laminate doors: We know that the fir material, which is a wood from the press machines, is first pressed and compressed with cardboard and then, as in all laminate parquets, the name of the door which can be selected according to demand and applied on it is laminate door.

Laminated doors are also mixed with laminated doors. What distinguishes the laminate door from the laminate is; they both do the same, but there are differences in the quality, color and design of the laminate door.

Another difference between laminate doors and other doors is that the color chart is very high. At the same time, laminate door is preferred for decoration and design.

The door frame is filled with high density cardboard. It is produced by pressing MDF on the wing and laminate of the desired color on MDF. After creating the impression, solid parts are taped with PVC tape suitable for laminate. Beech or beech solidification can be applied around the wing. Laminated door frame and moldings can be prepared as lacquered with adjustable slip moldings and roving gasket, or the frame and moldings are produced by pressing or wrapping using the same color laminate. The case can be made of solid fir or MDF.

Laminate door prices: Laminate door prices also vary according to brand, quality and size. You can contact Evkap to get prices of laminate doors.

Especially in recent years, as in the world, laminate door models are preferred more and more in our country.

  • The most important reasons are that the laminate door material provides much benefit in the field of durability and insulation.
  • The reason why laminate doors are durable is that they are produced with high pressure.

As it is produced with such high pressure, the durability of the doors will not be deteriorated against every impact it will receive from outside. This production method is quite different from other door models.

That is why it is the most preferred in the field. A situation such as breakage is not experienced in laminate doors. As we mentioned before, laminate door models are preferred in sound and heat insulation especially in insulation field.

In addition to houses, it is possible to see laminate door models in large-scale buildings such as hospitals, schools, dormitories and hotels. Because it is easier to get the desired style with this door model which is a blessing on fire, heat and sound. It is inevitable that these new laminate doors will become the most preferred material in this sector in a short time.

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