factoryOur company, which celebrated its 65th anniversary in the sector, was established in 1949 in Kastamonu and has been offering its customers high quality products with reasonable price options with the experience of half a century.

EVKAP, which started its operations as a small workshop in Kastamonu, has become one of the biggest companies of the sector with its personnel and staff of 115 employees with a total production area of 15,000 m2 including a total of 6,500 m2 of indoor space.

EVKAP, which has produced and sold hundreds of thousands doors at many dealers and sales points in Turkey and abroad, operates as an integrated facility with capacity of over 10,000 sets of doors per month.

EVKAP, which has a large family with its employees and customers, makes production and sales with the awareness that every door it produces will be the door to a happy home. Our company EVKAP, which has been growing for 65 years, has set itself as the target of being the highest door production and design company with its production volume and employment capacity in the future plans.

Our Mission

To be the address of safe and comfortable service with our products and services that we produce using the national resources efficiently.

Our Vision

Consciousness of the importance of human health, our quality and knowledge with the awareness of being the company that leads the sector always develop..

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